Prolife Across America Builds Culture of Life with Positive Billboards

The president and chief operating officer of Livingston Associates in Scottsville, New York, Tony DiTucci has decades of experience in project management and construction. Also committed to philanthropic efforts, Tony DiTucci donates to organizations such as Prolife Across America.

A nonprofit organization founded in 1989, Prolife Across America seeks to establish what it calls an “atmosphere of life” by publishing positive prolife messages. With a grounding in Roman Catholic teaching and the Bible, the organization provides information about alternatives to abortion, such as adoption, and others services to help women choose life and receive practical help to care for their babies.

Prolife Across America spreads its message through the use of billboards. Often these billboards feature the faces of beautiful babies, along with messages such as “Thanks for life, Mom!” or “Fragile: Born & Unborn.” The billboards typically include a specific fact about fetal development, such as that a heartbeat begins 18 days after conception. They also have the organization’s name and phone number so those who view the billboards can reach out for support.

To view the billboards or to learn more about the organization’s efforts to promote love for babies and support women in their journeys to motherhood, visit