The LEED Green Associate Exam


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LEED Green Associate Exam

An experienced, building-industry project manager, Tony DiTucci has overseen the construction of multifamily and assisted-living residential housing as a vice president of DGA Builders since 2013. In addition to his bachelor of arts in economics and political science from Saint John Fisher College and his master of arts in administration from Central Michigan University, Tony DiTucci holds multiple industry licenses and accreditations, including active certification as an LEED green associate.

A rating system devised by the United States Green Building Council, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) evaluates the sustainable design initiatives and general environmental performance of professionals and organizations in the construction field. LEED green associate certification serves as a reliable indicator of expertise in essential green design, construction, and operational processes.

In order to earn the LEED green associate credential, candidates must pass a two-hour exam that consists of a task domain and a knowledge domain. Reflecting LEED concerns with safety and effectiveness, the task domain addresses aspects of green construction ranging from LEED project and team coordination to LEED credit analysis. The exam’s knowledge domain includes 85 questions on topics such as integrative strategies, water efficiency, and indoor environmental quality.


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Old San Juan: A Brief Primer

Old San Juan pic

Old San Juan

As vice president of DGA Builders, Tony DiTucci has more than 20 years of experience managing industrial, commercial, retail, and multifamily residential construction projects. Outside of work, Tony DiTucci enjoys traveling, and one of his favorite travel destinations is Puerto Rico.

With architecture evoking the colonial period, Old San Juan takes visitors on a trip back in time while featuring modern amenities. Old San Juan is over 500 years old, making it the second oldest city in all of the Americas. The town is an amalgamation of a colonial backdrop juxtaposed against the foreground of modern Puerto Rican culture.

The El Morro Fort is the most well-known tourist attraction in Old San Juan and is just a short jaunt from the center of the city to an overlook peninsula, towering above the ocean. The structure was built in 1539, and the primary purpose of the fort was to act as a city defense system by blocking harbor access to unfriendly seacraft. Nearly 500 years later, it is perhaps the most visited tourist destination on the island.

March of Dimes Prematurity Research Initiatives

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March of Dimes

Tony DiTucci is an experienced professional in the building and construction industry, with more than two decades of experience. In addition to serving as vice president of DGA Builders in Pittsford, Tony DiTucci makes time to participate in several forms of philanthropy, including donations to the March of Dimes.

March of Dimes funds a wide range of research that protects babies, thereby reducing the infant mortality rate. One of the areas it focuses much of its grant money and research effort on is premature birth, which affects more than 350,000 babies each year.

In 2004, the March of Dimes began its Prematurity Research Initiative (PRI). This focuses on discerning the causes of prematurity, which are often unknown. It has awarded almost $28 million to researchers looking into both genetic and environmental causes for entering labor prematurely, including asymptomatic infections.

PRI grantees have also started to work on finding ways to treat or prevent preterm labor. Normal pregnancies suppress uterine contractions, and the mechanism by which this is achieved could lead to new drugs or other techniques to prevent premature birth.

The LEED Green Associate Certification


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LEED Green Associate

The vice president of DGA Builders, LLC, Tony DiTucci has more than 20 years of experience managing industrial, commercial, retail, and multi-family residential construction projects. Supplementing both his experience and education, Tony DiTucci holds certification as a LEED Green Associate.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications are third-party verifications for green buildings offered by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). While there are no specific eligibility requirements to become a LEED Green Associate, it is suggested that professionals are familiar with LEED and green building concepts before seeking a LEED Green Associate certification. The certification shows that a professional is up to date on best practices relating to green building and demonstrates an individual’s commitment to their future understanding of green building.

The LEED Green Associate certification examination includes two parts, task domains and knowledge domains. Task domains serve to show that a professional can perform LEED effectively and includes everything from LEED project coordination to advocacy. Meanwhile, knowledge domains reflect what an individual must know to be a LEED Green Associate. This includes such topics as integrative strategies, project surroundings, and indoor environmental quality. The exam costs $200 for USGBC members and $250 for non-members. Students can register for $100.

New Trends in Apartment Living


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DGA Builders, LLC

Tony DiTucci brings years of experience in the construction industry to his position of vice president of DGA Builders, LLC, a construction management firm with locations in both New York and Pennsylvania. Through his work with DGA, Tony DiTucci has been a part of both senior and multifamily housing developments.

Apartment buildings exemplify one type of multifamily dwelling, and newer apartment buildings often include modern amenities. Following is a list of some of the extras that are trending in newly built apartments.

1. Workstations – Some apartments provide Wi-Fi-equipped workstations in common areas to satisfy the needs of renters who may wish to work remotely, but require some quiet to do so.

2. Pet spas – Builders are finding that owners want luxury for themselves–and their pets. Some new buildings offer grooming services and exclusive areas for renters to exercise their pets.

3. Green leases – A selection of newer apartments are LEED certified and energy efficient, making them more affordable for tenants. To live in these buildings, renters must sign “green leases,” committing to practices such as composting, recycling, and using public transportation.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Keeps Kids Safe

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children pic

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Tony DiTucci serves as vice president of DGA Builders, headquartered in Pittsford, New York. Outside of his work supervising the creation of multifamily housing units, Tony DiTucci often contributes to charities including the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children was created in 1984 to bring government programs and nonprofit efforts together to efficiently locate missing children. Today, the organization operates 22 nationwide programs to help find children when they go missing.

One of the most important services the Center provides is a 24-hour hotline, allowing the public to immediately report sightings of missing children. It also maintains a similar CyberTipline in partnership with the FBI, which allows people to anonymously report suspected child abuse or sexual exploitation. The public is encouraged to report any suspected misconduct, whether it occurred online or in person.

To report a missing child or a sighting of a missing child, call 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).