The Landmark Society’s Award of Merit

For almost 30 years, Tony DiTucci has worked in the construction and real estate industries. He has served as vice president of DGA Builders, LLC, a construction firm specializing in multi-family and senior housing projects. In one of his first positions, Tony DiTucci was an estimator-project manager for Spoleta Construction & Development Corporation, a construction company cited for its notable buildings.

In 2013, a Spoleta Construction & Development Corporation building earned the Landmark Society’s Award of Merit, which is given for a building, site, object, or structure that exhibits an outstanding preservation effort. The building does not necessarily have to have historical significance, but it should have some significance to the community and strengthen the neighborhood. Buildings under consideration for the award need to have been completed in the previous two years to be considered for the present year, and awards are not given to single-family residences.

Spoleta earned the award for its work on the Bridge Square Building located on West Main Street in Rochester. The firm rehabbed the 67,000 square foot building that once was home to Josh Lofton High School. Today, the building is a mixed-use project that contains both offices and loft-style housing.