Design Build Team Services from DGA Builders

Silhouette construction workers fabricating steel reinforcement bar at the construction site

The vice president of DGA Builders since 2013, Tony DiTucci has overseen the construction of several senior and multifamily housing projects. In this leadership position, Tony DiTucci leads the community-focused construction company in offering services such as pre-construction consultation, construction management, general contracting, and design- build.

To streamline the design and construction process, DGA Builders can serve as a Design Build Team, coordinating efforts from initial planning to project completion. By providing a single point of contact, the team can help reduce costs and improve efficiency, as well as avoid lengthy delays and get the job done faster.

The design team goes above and beyond minimum design requirements to create high-quality projects infused with creativity and innovation. Committed to full customer satisfaction, the DGA Build Design team is responsible for adhering to budgets and schedules, as well as communicating closely with clients to ensure what is happening throughout each stage of the building process.


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