Old San Juan: A Brief Primer

Old San Juan pic

Old San Juan
Image: gopuertorico.about.com

As vice president of DGA Builders, Tony DiTucci has more than 20 years of experience managing industrial, commercial, retail, and multifamily residential construction projects. Outside of work, Tony DiTucci enjoys traveling, and one of his favorite travel destinations is Puerto Rico.

With architecture evoking the colonial period, Old San Juan takes visitors on a trip back in time while featuring modern amenities. Old San Juan is over 500 years old, making it the second oldest city in all of the Americas. The town is an amalgamation of a colonial backdrop juxtaposed against the foreground of modern Puerto Rican culture.

The El Morro Fort is the most well-known tourist attraction in Old San Juan and is just a short jaunt from the center of the city to an overlook peninsula, towering above the ocean. The structure was built in 1539, and the primary purpose of the fort was to act as a city defense system by blocking harbor access to unfriendly seacraft. Nearly 500 years later, it is perhaps the most visited tourist destination on the island.